A Meteor Hits Earth at light speed

    A Meteor Hits Earth at light speed

Update: 10 January 2020

                                                    How did we come to live in this universe? Now there cannot be life on every planet. So what was the reason for this? After much research by scientists, this theory came to the fore. Some were consensual and some were opposite from each other.
                 Did life on deserted earth begin with meteorites?

                                             If the meteorite fell on the earth at the speed of light, then there will be life on earth, so let's know it. You know, millions of years ago, 10 kilometers of meteorite collided with Earth, the end of Dinosaur.
  A Meteor Hits Earth at light speed

What exactly is a meteor?
                                              Meteor is basically asteroids and comets. They are small space rock made of a metallic sheet. Who take the entry from space on our earth. More than a thousand space bodies are drawn to us due to the gravity of our earth. And what is on the surface of the earth, we are called meteoroids.
  A Meteor Hits Earth at light speed

                                                        The exosphere and thermosphere of the meteor earth are easily removed. Trouble comes when these earth's atmosphere comes. You know there is air in the atmosphere which contains gases and heat. When the meteor Earth's atmosphere comes, due to friction, their temperature goes above 1600 degrees and they start burning. Which you call shooting star or falling star. Meteors that are small, they get destroyed by burning in the atmosphere and coming to the surface of the earth. The rest of the people who fall on the earth are called a meteorite. Meteorite scientists give a lot of valuable information. He tells us about the solar system and our past.

Now the question comes, is it true that 4 billion years ago, life on earth was made by the meteorite?
                                      In research in astrophysics, geology, chemistry and biology studies, it was found that meteorites filled with mineral elements started falling into the hot pool when the Earth was being born and the continents were coming out of the ocean. Because of this, new genetic life came to earth which was named RNA Molecules. Scientists are going to bring it with a real experiment next year. This experiment will be done in the Origin of Life Laboratory. If this experiment is successful, then in a way man will find God.
Many meteoroids are shaped like sand grains. Smaller than 1 millimeter.

Have you ever thought that if we increase the speed of the meteoroid and give it the speed of light and it will hit the earth, then what will happen to the earth after that? Now, this is just a thought experiment. According to physics, an object with a mass can never achieve the speed of light. The reason for this is that particle photons of light are themselves massless
However, we study it for study. If a round ball of 30 meters will be thrown to the earth from 3000 kilometers. As it enters the earth's atmosphere, its speed will disrupt the atmosphere's air molecules and the process of plasma heating and nuclear fusion will begin. As soon as it hits the earth, 1000 times more energy will be released into the atmosphere than the largest nuclear weapon made so far, which will destroy the surrounding area. 

The chicxulub meteorite that killed the dinosaurs and killed 75% of the Earth's life had just hit 20 km / s. What would have happened if it had hit 3000 km/sec and that is only 0 .01% of the speed of light?

Diamond Meteorite

                                                      If we launch Diamond's meteorite at the same speed (3000 km / sec) then how bad the situation will be. Each carbon molecule has an energy of about 70 billion volts and the air molecules are added to the falling down, this increases their mass. Now diamonds are made entirely of carbon. Due to the hardening of the diamond, they will break into pieces when they hit the earth. With such a huge energy, such a creator will be made so deep that even the mantle lava of the earth can be seen. This will be 50 times more dangerous than Chicxulub meteorite.
  A Meteor Hits Earth at light speed

                                                          Now friend, now you have felt the relation of speed, energy, impact, so let us see if we can increase it to the speed of light. That is, a meteorite is moving towards the earth at a speed of 300000 km/sec. No modern computer or technology will ever be able to detect it. If the computer is not able to detect it, then your eyes will not be able to see it. That sphere will directly pop into the crust of the earth as if it had suddenly appeared. But there will be a lot of plasma and radiation that you will not be able to feel. Before you feel the crust of the earth with fierce energy, in one stroke, that 30-meter ball will strike the earth with so much energy. The gravitational power that makes the earth in its orbit. This impact will be 10000 times stronger than this and will tear the earth out of its orbit in a moment. And in this way, the end of the Earth and its dust will start traversing the space.
  A Meteor Hits Earth at light speed

According to Einstein's formula e = mc square, mass and energy are the same.
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