Beyond Life in spaces

  • Beyond Life in spaces

  • Update: 5 January 2020

    Hello Guys

                                            Initially, we used to think that we are alone in this universe and our earth is the center of this huge universe and the sun and other planets revolve around our earth. But we later came to know that we are smaller than the grains of sand in this giant universe, like our sun, there are trillions of stars in this universe, which revolve around many planets like Earth. Where our earth can have life on those planets, it has come to our question that in this universe we are alone and there will be life at other places then what will it be like? so let's know beyond life in space

    Beyond Life in spaces

                                              We have to understand how life became possible on our earth and what happened on earth to become this life When we look at our earth, we come to know that it is full of life and it has millions of species of fauna and trees and plants and there is such an intelligent species that is reading the blog right now, then any life can become What is needed for Who was on this earth from which life originated A complex chemistry is required for the origin of life. We are made of different chemicals, but this chemistry requires an ideal condition. It requires 3 main basic ingredients.
    • Energy

    Beyond Life in spaces

                         In which the first ingredient is energy, such as sunlight and geothermal energy, to become life on any planet, a correct amount of energy is required, this planet should neither be far away nor close to its stars.

    • Organic Element

    Beyond Life in spaces

                                               The second ingredient for life is a heavy element such as oxygen, carbon, and sulfur. To make life possible on any planet, some chemicals and some elements will be needed. If these chemical elements interact properly in each other then they will be Can originate

    • Liquid Water

    Beyond Life in spaces
                                             And the third ingredient is liquid water. In the gas state, atoms are very far apart from each other and move very fast. So that they are not able to interact with each other properly. Atoms are fixed in solid-state, they do not move, due to which they are not able to make any kind of molecules. But in the liquid state, the atoms are just far away from each other, due to which they interact with each other, but also form molecules.
    Liquid water is a basic process to become life. We can find liquid water in this huge universe on the planets which are in the habitable zone of the star. That planet is not too hot or too cold due to which liquid water is on its state for a long time. Lives for
    Beyond Life in spaces

                                                  4 billion years ago, our earth was too good to become life. Liquid water was present on earth for a long time. There were huge seas of liquid water on the earth and many cracks were present below that sea. From where the heavy element and the energy traveled from the earth's core to the bottom of these seas. Here the basic elements together formed the essential cell of life and life began on our earth. How life actually started is still a mystery, but according to scientists, these three ingredients are necessary for any life to be formed. That is, the more we are searching for the origin of life on energy, organic molecules, and liquid water, the more we are surprised. During the search, scientists have found evidence of microbial life on Earth in dangerous volcanoes, hot deserts, cold mountains, and empties space.
    Beyond Life in spaces

                                                      A few decades ago, 4 billion years after the birth of the Earth, humans have started searching for life beyond the Earth for the first time in this vast universe, that is, the search for life in this universe has just begun. Scientists have shown that liquid water is very important for the origin of life. There is a high probability of life on the planet where there is liquid water. In such a way, the easiest way to find life beyond the earth is to search for a planet where there is liquid water. We have started searching for some planets where liquid water can happen some years ago. In some time we have found such planets on which life can happen. Kepler 62F, Trappist 1D, Teagarden B, k2 18B.Studies have shown that essential basic ingredients for life, such as liquid water and organic molecules are present everywhere in our universe.

     Therefore, it may be that there is a complex life on those planets. Out of all the stars in our galaxy, there are many Rocky planets which are in their habitable zone. There are 50 billion planets in our galaxy like Earth. Every planet will be special in it, whose life will be very different. But there will be some planets on which life cannot exist due to some reason on which the star of that planet leaves a lot of radiation, and there are some planets whose temperature can be very hot or very cold. For example, scientists believed that our neighboring Venus planet is suitable for life where liquid water and some kind of life may exist, but when it was studied closely, it was found that this planetary environment is very dangerous. Which is filled with some kind of toxic gas and life on that planet is not possible. But it is not necessary that life can only be on the planets of Habitable Zone. Some planets may also have moons on which life can occur. In addition to their stars, their energy gets from the gravity of their planet, and they can have life. This shows that we are not alone in this endless universe. Life is indifferent to forms everywhere. Will we know what the world beyond our life will be like?

    Thank You.

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