First Laika, Ham and Yuri Gagarin go to space

First Laika, Ham and Yuri Gagarin go to space

Update: 6 January 2020.
                                         Space is a very dangerous place, anything can happen anytime, yet humans have explored this place We have also found many successes and failures many times while innovating space. During this discovery, we have lost humans and animals, today we are doing missions to go to the moon again. Thinking about how the colony settled on Mars. It has become possible to put your life at risk and the curiosity of knowing the space. It has been possible that those volunteers who first visited spaces. So let's get to know it more closely.

First to go to space

                               Laika was the first animal to travel space. Before Laika, a few insects and a monkey named Albert had also traveled to space. But that journey was only up to the earth's atmosphere.  1950 was the year when humans were desperate to get into space, so they conducted an experimental space mission. Which was an experiment to send animals before sending them to humans? The only purpose of this mission was whether or not humans can live in space, and for this Russian scientists picked up a 3-year-old female dog Laika from the Moscow streets and on 3 November 1957, Laika was put into Sputnik 2 spacecraft. The Sputnik 2 spacecraft had oxygen, carbon absorber, a week's worth of food and everything that was necessary to keep the dog alive.
First Laika, Ham and Yuri Gagarin go to space

 After all, the spacecraft was launched successfully, but technically a part of the craft could not be separated from it, due to which the temperature inside the spacecraft started to rise. The mercury of summer increased so much that Laika could not bear it, she spent 4 hours continuously with the heat and due to more heat, Laika died. After Laika's death, the spacecraft rotated in the orbit of the Earth for 5 months and finally on 14th April 1958, the spacecraft burned down with Laika as soon as it entered the Earth's atmosphere. The whole world expressed condolences for Laika, after which, in honor of the Russian government, the statue was made after honoring Laika, later on, Russia used on such animals but it was kept secret.   

Ham Chimpanzee

                              Ham chimpanzee is a similar story of ham chimpanzee-like Laika In the 60s, America did not want to be behind Russia, and America also did a mission to prove their claim. Some French-born chimpanzees were snatched away from their mother and sent to a zoo in Miami. After that, the chimpanzee was bought by NASA and in 1959 he was brought to the airbase named Halo. There were also many more chimpanzees such as ham. There they were taught to do self-control and self-analysis. Ham started doing the best in this experiment.
First Laika, Ham and Yuri Gagarin go to space

 That is why scientists prepared it for a big mission. The mission was to go into space. And the mission was that humans could do daily activities in outer space. For this, Ham was given every training in the space. And finally, on January 13, 1961, the next day Ham was to be sent to space, on that day Ham was given a lot of love, after the next launch day, Ham was added to the spacecraft. And launched the spacecraft. The spacecraft successfully went to the lower orbit of the earth. After spending some time in space, the ham capsule separated from the spacecraft and started coming to the orbit of the earth and towards the Antarctic sea. Ham's capsule was coming down slowly when he made a hard landing in the sea. Everyone felt that ham is no more. But when I opened the capsule, the ham was alive. All he had was a little scratch on his face. After this, America started being praised all over the world. Ham became famous

This was the first man to go to space

After experimenting on animals, now the time had come for humans to express their presence in space, you had time to send humans to space, so Yuri Gagarin of Russia took up his selection from 3000 people. Finally, after all the preparation and training, the day came that the spacecraft carrying Yuri Gagarin to space was ready to send humans to space.
First Laika, Ham and Yuri Gagarin go to space

 The Yuri Gagarin spacecraft was supposed to be controlled from Earth. Spacecraft launched with success. After some time, when Yuri Gagarin went to the lower orbit of space, he was surprised to see the Earth from space, he said that the Earth looks very beautiful from space. After taking a round of the earth, Gagarin's capsule was ordered to return to Earth. While returning, a part of the vehicle was unable to separate and was moving fast in its place but finally, everything went well. And Gagarin came down to earth with safety. That day in Russia was a very happy day. If this was known in the media, Gagarin became a hero by night and he was awarded many awards. He became the first person to go into space.
Many people went to space in this event and set their feet on the moon. Now humans are thinking about establishing a colony on Mars.

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