How India and the Himalayas were formed

How India and the Himalayas were formed

Update: 14 January 2020

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Today we will talk about how India was born geographically? About 200 million years ago, there were no divided contents appearing on our earth. At that time there used to be only one continent Yamaha section. The Pangea, named after it, was surrounded by an ocean named Pethalesa and the present-day section is divided by Pangea.
How India and the Himalayas were formed

It was Alfred Wegener who gave the theory and he also had to say this. Animals crawling on the same block developed. Plates always move in the womb of the earth. Due to which there are constant changes on the earth. But these changes are seen after millions or crores of years and due to these changes the present-day continent was born and due to them, our country is also of India.
How India and the Himalayas were formed

According to Alfred's theory, the pungent supercontinent was first divided into two parts by sliding the plate. The northern part of which is called Laurasia and the southern part is called Gondwana Land, and on the divide of these two no, the middle which filled the ocean water and formed a bay. He was named Tethys Ocean by scientists. The northern continent of Laurasia, separated from Pangea, became the continent of today's Asia, Europe, and North America, and Gondwana Land became the continent of South America, Africa, and Antarctica. Today India may be a part of Asia but earlier this part was part of GondwanaAnd today's Africa and India stood on the same plate. This plate also moved with the slant of the plate slowly and the geographical plate of India slowly moved towards Asia, it moved to the Ladakh part of today and continued to move and there was a time that this plate collided with the Ladakh part.

This is how the Himalayas were built

In geology there is a collision of two plates, then the heavy plate rises inward and the light plate rises upwards. It happened at that time also and it created the Himalayas. But it took millions of years to build and at this time this geographical land was built. India today rests on a single plate and this plate is moving towards the Himalayas and the Himalayas are also rising day by day.

 Along with this, the height of the Surrey Mountains and Mount Everest are also increasing. To prove this theory, Alfred also said that all the contenders seen today fit into each other and if they have added again today, Pangea can become a supercontinent. Alfred went to different places to see the ancient creatures of this expansion block and the rocks. So it turned out that the various relics were the same in different sections. Alfred gave many examples to prove this theory.
How India and the Himalayas were formed

The collision of this plate is prone to earthquakes. By the way, there is no active volcano in India. But the Himalayan plate slides cause earthquake tremors This is how India and the Himalayas were formed.
How India and the Himalayas were formed

But the scientists say this again after millions of years, this section will be reunited and a new section will be built again.

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