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Update- 22 April 2020

Before we understand asteroid mining, we know a little about asteroids. Our solar system has millions of asteroids, which revolve around the sun. Between Mars and the planet Jupiter, there is a similar group of asteroids that we know as the Asteroid Belt.

Asteroids Mining- RJ Space

America's famous astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson said in a 2016 interview that it will be the world's first trilinear that will extract expensive minerals by mining asteroids and they are right to say that the smallest asteroid is worth millions of dollars on earth.

NASA has so far discovered many asteroids that are close to the Earth and worth several trillion.

 According to NASA, there are more than 14000 NEO (Near-Earth Object) on our earth which passes close to the Earth. Now going to space, it can cost millions of dollars to bring that valuable mineral to Earth.

 But this investment is not much in front of the mineral of an asteroid.

Anyone who goes into space and will be able to bring that mineral to Earth by mining on the asteroid will be the world's first trilinear

Asteroids Mining- RJ Space

In July 2015, an asteroid code 2011 UW 153 passed 2.4 million kilometers from Earth. The core of this asteroid was 90 million tonnes of platinum. According to Scientist, the price of this asteroid is $ 5.4 trillion.

On one such asteroid 15 February 2013, an asteroid named 2012 DA 14 passed very passed to the earth. Whose land were 35000 kilometers?

 This asteroid passed close to the earth at 7.2 kilometers per second. If it had collided with the earth, it would have produced 2.4 megatons of power. The cost of this asteroid is around $ 20 trillion.

The Asteroid 1903 LU is one of the 7 largest asteroids in our solar system. Which is present in the asteroid belt of mars and Jupiter. There is a lot of evidence of nickel, cobalt, water, nitrogen, and hydrogen inside it. The cost of this asteroid is $ 15.34 trillion.

Asteroids Mining- RJ Space

The Asteroid 1999 JU 3 position is very good for asteroid mining. The surface of which is flat for mining and is worth 83 billion dollars.

 But the mineral is not removed from this asteroid, rather it is easier than other asteroids. In the coming 20-30 years, we can be successful in getting mineral from asteroids.

Asteroid Mining Mission-

Hayabusa2 – ongoing JAXA asteroid sample return mission (arrived at the target in 2018)
OSIRIS-REx – ongoing NASA asteroid sample return mission (launched in September 2016)
Phobos-Grunt 2 – proposed Roskosmos sample return mission to Phobos (launch in 2024)

VIPER rover — planned to prospect for lunar resources in 2022.

Financial feasibility-

There are six categories of cost considered for an asteroid mining venture:

  • Research and development costs
  • Exploration and prospecting costs
  • Construction and infrastructure development costs
  • Operational and engineering costs
  • Environmental costs
  • Time cost

Asteroid Mining Company

  • Planetary resource

Type    -          Private
Industry - Asteroid mining
Founded - November 2010 as Arkyd Astronautics
Founder - Peter H. Diamandis, Eric C. Anderson, Chris Lewicki

Headquarters - U.S.

  • Deep Space Industry

Founded-  January  22, 2013
Founder - Rick N. Tumlinson, Daniel Faber, David Gump, Kirby Ikin, John C. Mankins,         Stephen Covey, Mark Sonter, Christopher Cassell, James Luebke, Bryan Versteeg, James Wolff
Headquarters- San Jose, California, United States
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