How many types of satellites are in space?

In our Earth's orbit, many satellites revolve around the earth. But we are going to know how many types of satellites are there in this orbit.

How many types of satellites are in space?

There are different types of satellites i.e. Communications Satellite, Remote Sensing Satellite, Navigation Satellite, LEO, MEO, HEO, GPS, GEOs, Drone Satellite, Polar Satellite.

  • Communication Satellite-

A communication satellite is an artificial satellite. It forms a communication channel between a source transmitter and a receiver at various locations on Earth.

The communication satellite is used for telephone, television, radio, internet.

Wireless communication uses electromagnetic waves to carry signals from one place to another.

Communication satellites exist in the Earth's orbit around 2000. Which are used by both private and government organizations?

Several geostationary orbits above the equator are in 22,236 miles (35,785 km) so that the satellite appears stationary at a single point in the sky.

The purpose of communications satellites is to relay signals around the Earth's curve that allow communication between widely different geographic points.
  • Remote Sensing Satellite-

Remote- Something which is far away.
Sensing- Getting information or getting data.

How many types of satellites are in space?

Receiving data from a distance is called remote sensing. We will acquire the information on our different object, without coming into its contact, we call it remote sensing.

The sensing satellite that is recorded and sends the reflected energy to the receiving station for analyzing.

  • Navigation Satellite-

What is it?

Know your location on Earth.
Works everywhere on Earth.
It only needs low power satellite links.

Navigation satellites can track the location of anyone from 18000 km above the earth.

  • Low Earth Orbit Satellite-

The low earth orbit satellite is a telecommunication system located 200 - 2000 km from the earth's surface.

In the low earth orbit, the atmosphere is slightly less than the surface of the earth, due to this it is easier to keep the satellite at a fixed speed.

How many types of satellites are in space?

Sputnik-1 was the first satellite that went into the low earth orbit.

Low Earth Orbit Satellite requires less energy to be placed in orbit. It provides high bandwidth and low communication latency.

LEO is used for many communication applications, such as the Iridium phone system.

  • Medium Earth Orbit Satellite-
How many types of satellites are in space?

medium earth orbit satellites are placed in the orbit of the earth from 2000 km to 35000 km.

This is not safe for Orbit Human, due to its radiation.

Medium Earth orbit satellites are used for long term weather study, space for weather study, communication.

MEO satellite is cheaper than GEO satellite

  • Geostationary Satellite-

A geostationary satellite is a satellite in geosynchronous orbit. With an orbital period the same as the Earth's rotation period.

How many types of satellites are in space?

geostationary satellite becomes useless at high latitude. It can only work in low latitude.

Most commercial communications satellite, broadcast satellites, and SBAS satellites operate in geostationary orbits.

  • Drone Satellite-

How many types of satellites are in space?

Recreation, Disaster relief, archeology, conservation of biodiversity and habitat, law enforcement, crime, and terrorism,

Aerial surveillance, filmmaking, journalism, scientific research, surveying, cargo transport, mining, Transmission and Distribution, Forestry and agriculture.

Reconnaissance, attack, demining, and target practice.

  • Polar Satellite-

How many types of satellites are in space?

The polar satellite's orbit is not circular.

The polar satellite inclination to the equator is not zero.

The angular velocity of the satellite is not equal to an angular velocity of the Earth.

The period of revolution is not equal to the period of rotation of the Earth.

It looks oscillating but not stationary.

A polar satellite is used for earth mapping and earth observation.

 Types of satellite orbits

There are three types of satellite orbit

  • LEO ( Low Earth Orbit)
  • MEO ( Medium Earth Orbit )
  • GEO ( Geo Earth Orbit)

Uses Of satellites 


Satellites are used for many useful functions. Communication, military information, Weather forecast, detect forest fire, land survey, earth's features, astronomical observation. 


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