Polar satellite all Information- Space Update

What is the meaning of the polar satellite?

A polar satellite is an artificial satellite. Its height is 500-800 km from the earth. The polar satellite is installed in a low earth orbit.

A Polar satellite is a special type of sun-synchronous satellite. It rotates in the North to South Orbit.

 Polar satellite all Information- Space Update

It means that they maintain a constant angle with respect to the sun.

In the case of polar satellite, the orbital plane contains the earth's axis so the satellite passes over the earth poles as seen in the illustration. They are usually placed much lower in orbit than geosynchronous satellites.

The orbits are also non-circular but highly elliptical.

One interesting thing about the polar satellite is that it will pass over the same place on Earth at exactly the same time during the day.

As the satellite completes more and more orbits it moves over every place on the surface of the Earth and this makes it ideal as reconnaissance.

Difference between geostationary and Polar Satellite

Geostationary Satellite-

Geostationary satellites are used for communication purposes like voice, data, and video. Some of the satellites have a very high-resolution radiometer payload for weather forecasting.

Polar Satellite- 

Polar Satellites are placed lower Earth orbit around a few hundred to a few thousand km are used for remote sensing purposes.

These satellites have a definite swatch width of the path to cover the surface of the earth like push broom ground track. 

These satellites orbits are so maintained it revisits same local time on a specific location with Sun illumination.

That is the regression of the orbit shifted about 0.9 degrees every day longitudinally to fallow Sun.

What is the time period of Polar Satellite?


 Polar satellite all Information- Space Update



The time period of the polar satellite is from 98 to 102 minutes. 

What is the polar satellite launch vehicle?

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is India's PSLV.

 Polar satellite all Information- Space Update

This is the first launch vehicle in India to use a liquid engine. 1994 was the first time its success was launched.

PSLV usually sends satellites up to 1750 kg to SSPO.

What are polar satellite advantages?


 Polar satellite all Information- Space Update

    • Make repeated observations over a given area.
    • At a timing, the satellite observes a larger coverage area.
    • The minimum satellite lifetime is about 10-15 years. 
    • Reconnaissance and high-resolution images for Earth. observation/mapping.Provide a more global view.

  What are the uses of the polar satellites?

 Polar Satellites are used   Earth-mapping, Earth observation, capturing the Earth as time passes from one point, reconnaissance satellites, as well as for some weather satellites. The Iridium satellite constellation also uses a polar orbit to provide telecommunications services.


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