Rocket Information- Space Update

Rockets are used to go into space. A rocket is an engine that does not require oxygen. A rocket engine is different from the jet engines. Jet engines work by taking oxygen from the air. While the rocket engine runs with everything it needs. Rocket engines also work in space where there is no oxygen 

Rocket Information- Space Update

Rockets use two engines, one is a solid engine and the other is a liquid engine.

Solid rocket propellant system

The design of solid rockets is very old and its design is simpler than liquid rockets but it is much more powerful than liquid rockets. Solid rocket is storable, this means that these rockets can be used anytime after we make them. The thrust of a solid engine is very high and it has a higher lifting capacity than a liquid engine. There is a lot of g-force in it. This is much cheaper than a liquid engine.

Rocket Information- Space Update


The design of a solid rocket has 4 main parts.
Casing, Igniter, Propellent grain, Nozzle

The casing is called the pressure vessel in engineering, there is a burning process inside it. Insulators are placed inside the casing for protection so that it can protect the casing from heat.

The igniter is normally mounted on the top side of the rocket. The igniter is the most important thing if the worst thing in the igniter is that it mostly fails, so two systems are installed for backup.

Solid fuel is kept in the propellant grain, it uses aluminum and oxidizer.

The nozzle comes in the last most. The nozzle is designed on the design of the rocket.

Solid rockets cannot be controlled, so while designing it, they make it the way they want.

It is mostly used for making military missiles.

 Liquid rocket propellant system

Rocket Information- Space Update

Liquid rocket engines have 5 main parts.
Fuel, Oxidizer, Pump, Combustion chamber, Nozzle

All rockets still use liquid engines. We can reuse the rocket engine again, Liquid Fuel consists of Fuel and Oxidizer in a different tank which is called the fuel tank and Oxidizer tank. Each of these two tanks is combined with a fuel pipe Rocket thrust chamber. Both these pipes are fitted with Filters. The arrangement is the rocket thrust chamber is the bottom part of the rocket in which fuel burns in liquid rocket fuel Petroleum, Cryogenic, Hypergolic, etc.

How does Rocket Work?

Rocket Information- Space Update

The rocket works on the third principle of newton meaning each action is an equal and opposite reaction. The rocket works on Newton's third principle, meaning each action is an equal and opposite reaction. The rocket engine pushes the exhaust gases backward due to which the rocket gets lift.

When was the rocket invented?

Rockets are believed to have been invented in China around the 12th century. These solid rockets were used for fireworks. They were also used by armies in war. In the 13th century, these rockets started being used in fireworks and wars in most of Asia and Europe. Over the next 600 years, people developed bigger and better solid rockets. Most of these were used by armies.

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