What if Dark Matter entered our body?

What if Dark Matter entered our body?

Update- 2 April 2020

Friends, we are seeing all the things in the Universe. Or looking at naked eyes or by human-made telescope, we can see the same thing which absorbs light or reflects light, we call all such matter as Ordinary Matter.
What if Dark Matter entered our body?

The Universe we know and see today is made up of this Ordinary Matter. According to Scientist, 5% of our universe is Ordinary Matter and 27% of it is Dark Matter.

What is Dark Matter?

The Ordinary Matter around us is made up of baryonic particles. Electrons, protons, and neutrons are part of the entire baryonic particle. But dark matter is not made of it. Dark matter is made up of a different particle. About which we do not yet know. But it is said that weakly interacting massive particles are considered to be possible candidates for making dark matter.

You know that this universe is all things gravitational bonds. Meaning everything is connected with the gravitational force. But our universe is expanding because of the dark energy
What if Dark Matter entered our body?

If the matter was as much as we could see and feel, then when would our galaxy have been shattered, and the gravitational attraction of star and planet would have slowly weakened. Due to the scientist, it is possible only when 5 times more than our observed mass is present in the mass universe and this is where the concept of dark matter came out.

Dark matter is actually a matter that is not visible to us, but it is present everywhere in our galaxy, solar system, earth, but also humans. Dark matter particles are present in numbers of billions around us and thousands of particles are passing through our body every second.

These particles do not react to ordinary particles, but what will happen if this happens? It is said that dark matter clams are found in small bunches. These clumps can be up to 1 μm long. When they enter our body, its effect will be faster than a bullet and its temperature can be around 1 billion. These go into the form of cylinders as they enter the dark matter body.
What if Dark Matter entered our body?

This will create a plasma hole in your body, what if there are thousands of such particles? But it is not possible to do so. Its reason is density. Our solar system is 25 thousand light-years away from the center of the Milky Way. According to the scientist, the maximum density of dark matter is in the center of the galaxy and less density is in its outer position.
This dark matter is not as dangerous for us due to its density decreasing.

Some scientists believe that the reason behind our history of natural disasters and mass extensions can be dark matter. Michael R. Rampino, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at New York University, believes that once every 2-3 years, our solar system emerges from a large cluster of dark matter. At the same time, the dark matter travels through the surface of the earth to the core.

Over time, its density is so high that its particles collide into each other and release energy. In such a situation, present lava volcanoes through our earth's core come out and in the coming times, human species can become the victim of dark matter.

Dark Matter effect on humans

What would happen if our bodies were made of dark matter instead of ordinary matter?

What if Dark Matter entered our body?

Our body is made up of several billion atoms. All these atom particles are connected to different forces. If we replace all these parts with dark matter, then our organs will stop working and within a second our body parts will start to separate.

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