How to Make a Spotify Playlist Public: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Make a Spotify Playlist Public: A Step-by-Step Guide


Are you a music lover who loves to share your music? Do you want to showcase your musical taste to the world? Welcome to the world of Spotify! In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps on how to make a Spotify playlist public, so you can share your musical genius with the world.

Understanding Spotify Playlists

Before we dive into making your playlist public, let’s quickly review what Spotify playlists are and why they matter. Playlists are collections of songs that you can create and save on your Spotify account. They can be based on genre, mood, or any other theme that you can come up with. Having a public playlist can help you connect with other music lovers, gain more followers, and even get noticed by music industry professionals.

Importance of Making Playlists Public

Why make your playlist public? The answer is simple, it allows your music to reach a wider audience. Sharing a public playlist on your social media pages can get your playlist in front of more people and posting it in relevant Facebook or Reddit groups can bring in more listeners.

Understanding Spotify Privacy Settings

Spotify has two main types of playlists: public and private. A public playlist is visible to anyone who has access to your Spotify profile. A private playlist, on the other hand, can only be seen by you. Before you begin creating your public playlist, make sure you understand Spotify’s privacy settings and the difference between public and private playlists.

Benefits of Public Playlists

Public playlists not only allow you to connect with other music lovers, but they can also help you gain followers. Playlists that gain a lot of followers can help you get noticed by music industry professionals and even lead to paid placement opportunities.

Creating a Playlist

Now that you understand the importance of creating a public playlist, let’s get started on how to actually create one.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Playlist

  1. Open the Spotify app or website and select “+ New Playlist.”
  2. Give your playlist a name that represents the theme or mood of your playlist. Pro Tip: keep it short and simple!
  3. Choose a catchy image that matches your playlist theme. This will make your playlist stand out.
  4. Click “Create” to finish creating your playlist.

Tips for Choosing the Right Playlist Name

Your playlist name should give your listeners an idea of what kind of music they can expect to hear. Keep the name short and simple, but also descriptive. The name should also be easy to spell and remember.

Choosing a Playlist Image

Your playlist image should be eye-catching, high-quality and match the theme of your playlist. You can choose an image from Spotify’s library or use a custom image that you have saved on your device.

Adding Songs to Your Playlist

Now that you have created your playlist, it’s time to add some songs to it. There are several ways to add songs to your playlist.

Ways to Add Songs to Your Playlist

  1. Browse the Spotify library and find songs you want to add to your playlist. Then simply click the “+” icon to add it to your playlist.
  2. Drag-and-drop songs directly from your computer to your playlist in the Spotify app.
  3. Use the Spotify Web API to add songs to your playlist programmatically.

Tips for Selecting the Right Songs

Choose songs that match the theme of your playlist. Consider the mood of your playlist and the preferences of your potential listeners.

Best Practices for Arranging Playlist Order

Arrange your playlist in a way that makes sense for listeners. For example, start the playlist with an upbeat song and gradually transition to more mellow or relaxing music.

Editing Your Playlist

Once you have added some songs to your playlist, you may need to edit or re-arrange them. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

How to Edit Your Playlist

  1. Click on the playlist you want to edit.
  2. Click the “…” icon to the right of a song to add it to the top or the bottom of the playlist, remove the song from the playlist or even move it to a different playlist.

Rearranging Songs on Your Playlist

To change the order of songs on your playlist, simply drag and drop the songs to the position you want.

Tips for Improving Your Playlist

Listen to your playlist from start to finish and make sure it flows well and fits the theme. Get feedback from friends or followers to improve your playlist.

Sharing Your Playlist with Others

Now that you have created an amazing playlist, it’s time to share it with the world.

Sharing a Playlist on Social Media

  1. Click on the playlist you want to share.
  2. Click the “Share” button.
  3. Choose your preferred social media platform to share your playlist.

Sharing a Playlist with a Spotify Link

  1. Click on the playlist you want to share.
  2. Click the “…” button.
  3. Click “Share > Copy Playlist Link.”
  4. Paste the copied link into your preferred medium and share.

Collaborating on a Playlist with Friends

  1. Create a playlist.
  2. Invite your friends to collaborate by clicking “Collaborative Playlist” in the playlist’s settings.
  3. Share the link to the playlist with your friend(s).

Promoting Your Playlist

Get your playlist out there for other music lovers to find!

Tips for Promoting Your Playlist

  1. Reach out and connect with other playlist curators to collaborate and cross-promote playlists.
  2. Market your playlist on social media by creating short clips or Story videos to attract more people.
  3. Consider investing in ads to promote your playlist.

Connecting with Other Playlist Curators

Collaborate with playlists that have a similar vibe to your own. This can help you build relationships with other curators and expand your audience.

Marketing Your Playlist on Social Media

Promote your playlist on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Create short, engaging videos or post “behind-the-scenes” images to attract more listeners.

Analyzing the Performance of Your Playlist

Understanding the performance of your playlist is crucial for making it better.

Understanding Spotify’s Playlist Metrics

Spotify provides data such as the number of plays, likes, saves, and followers for your playlist.

Measuring the Success of Your Playlist

The number of followers, listens, and shares are key performance indicators. See how your playlist performs within your competition.

Using Spotify Data to Improve Your Playlist

Use the data available on your playlist to see what’s working and what isn’t. Revise accordingly.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Mishaps can occur when creating public playlists. Here’s how to fix common problems.

Playlist Not Appearing in Search Results

If your playlist doesn’t show up in search results, it could be because it is not properly tagged. Double-check your tags and check your playlist settings.

Issues with Playlist Playback

Check your internet connection, device’s compatibility, or the playlist’s licensing agreements that may prevent playback.

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Congratulations, you have created a public playlist! You can now connect with other music lovers and showcase your musical taste to the world. Keep experimenting, refining, and sharing to get the most out of your public playlist.

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